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Omaha Glenoid Labrum Tears Animation

Dr. Darren Keiser MD of Omaha Shoulder Explains Glenoid Labrum Tears

Omaha Glenoid Labrum Tears Information

omaha glenoidlabrum tearsThis injury is a tear of the labrum, a thick band of cartilage that lines the rim of the glenoid (which is commonly called the shoulder socket).

The labrum cushions the head of the humerus and holds it securely to the glenoid, stabilizing the joint.  

The labrum acts as a bumper to help keep the ball in the socket.  This animation describes labral tears in general.  Labral tears can occur in different locations around the shoulder socket.  

A labral tear at the top of the socket is called a SLAP tear.  The animation on SLAP tear can help explain this type of labral tear further.  A labral tear can also occur to the back part of the socket.  

A labral tear that occurs in the lower portion of the front of the socket is called a bankart tear.  This type of tear is explained further in the procedure animation video labeled bankart repair.

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